I built and led the SEO division of the agency and developed and implemented content marketing strategies for multiple websites across varied industries and demographics. I also strategized content and opportunities for affiliate sites and collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver profitable outcomes for these sites.

In 2019, I worked with a small team of entrepreneurs to build a new website, launch service offerings, and create an on-point and engaging brand that resonated with the target market.


Peruse the brand messaging guide for more in-depth information.

SAP Concur

I was a corporate marketing writer at SAP Concur and collaborated with PR, search, and segment marketing groups to develop and maintain an editorial calendar for inspiring content creation and syndication across key company content pillars for both B2B and B2C audiences.

At Concur, I helped prepare marketing material for company conferences, interviewed subject matter experts (SMEs), told power customer stories, and supported different areas of the company as needed.

Blog Articles:

In addition to writing articles for SAP Concur collaborated on corporate branding and was tasked with optimizing the Concur website to match the modern brand identity and service offerings:


The company’s rebrand involved collaboration across global departments, resulting in a compelling brand narrative and product. The brand messaging debuted at the Fusion conference, with attendees receiving branded notebooks showcasing the story. Here’s a sample of the brand messaging from one of the notebooks.