Entrepreneur, Debbie White Visits the Classroom

Debbie White is the Founder and Creative Director for an advertising agency, Frank + Candor.

Debbie joined a couple of classes to discuss her ventures as a serial entrepreneur. In this video, she discusses the successes and failures she has experienced in over 30+ years working in the advertising and marketing industry, including financing, agency process and hiring decisions.

The questions she addresses (below) were brainstormed by the class before her visit.

 1.) Tell us a little about your professional background and experience. How did you get to where you are today?

2.) What do you sell and why?

3.) How did you start your business? How did you get financing, for example? What were some of the struggles that you faced?

4.) How did you choose your award-winning team?

5.) How do you work with clients? What is your normal process?

6.) Why did you choose your target demographic?

7.) What is your business model?

8.) What recommendations do you have for a group of students approaching college?

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